A Typical Day

Daily life at JIS is as unique as each student on our campus. Still, there are common experiences, and they all add up to a fun place to learn and a strong sense of community.  Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you imagine what life at JIS might be like for you.  

When does the school day start? 

The school day generally begins around 7:30 am.

How do students get to school?

Students commute to JIS in a variety of ways: some families live close enough for students to walk, others choose to sign up for bus service, and some arrive by car.

What type of food is available on campus?

The Elementary Schools have a canteen with a range of healthy meal options from Western to Asian flavors. The Middle School and High Schools, located on the Cilandak campus, share a cafeteria serving a variety of cuisines, including a focus on healthy options. In addition there are two cafes and two parent-run food outlets for more casual eating experiences.

Do students wear uniforms?

Students are not required to wear a uniform but many Elementary students can be seen wearing school athletic gear on campus. The Middle and High Schools have sensible dress codes so students dress comfortably and appropriately for a respectful learning environment.

What kind of curriculum is offered?

The JIS curriculum is international and emphasizes the power of inquiry to promote life long learning. The High School offers the IB program - the full diploma or individual courses. AP courses and online options through the Global Online Academy are also available.

Please see the Curriculum Guides/Highlights on the Learning pages for each division to see the teaching practices that support high expectations for student growth and skill development.

What technology will my child use for learning?

JIS believes students should use technology fluently and fluidly to support their learning and make their thinking visible.  To meet these goals, students have access to a wide range of digital tools.  Early Years through Grade 1 students have access to shared iPads. Then beginning in Grade 2,  students are issued an individual iPad which they use at school up through Grade 4. In Grade 5, students are issued a MacBook Air for use at school, and beginning in Grade 6 they can begin to take their JIS-issued laptop home. Our one to one program (one student to one device) continues through grade 12. Devices are upgraded approximately every 4 years.