Early Years

Elementary School Principal

Imagine a place where each child blossoms… where creativity, individuality and a passion for learning are nurtured and developed. A place where children are valued for who they are, where children’s learning journeys are valued, respected and supported by an incredibly talented faculty. A place you can trust to help you in the ever important process of educating your young child. We are that place! Welcome to the Early Years Program at JIS!

Our Commitments

We recognize and honor the early years period (ages 3-6) as pivotal in building a foundation for the educational life of our students. It is here, where it all starts - growing curiosity and the love of learning!  In the JIS Early Years Program, we:

  • Value the home school connection. We see parents as partners, we value their input and the ways in which we can work together to support learning.
  • Hire and maintain a highly qualified teaching staff.
  • See each child as an individual, thus personalizing the learning experience to tailor to his/her needs.
  • Provide a well rounded program that values the arts, physical education, language learning and intellectual engagement.

Visit Us

Come for a tour and watch our fabulous professionals in action. You will be impressed by the care they give to the children as well as to creating a rich and meaningful learning environment.

Our Early Years Program is the place you want your child to grow, explore, and become an engaged learner.


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Early Years
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