Learning in Indonesia

There are many attributes that make JIS an innovative and forward-looking school with an excellent environment for learning and community development. One of the most important is Indonesia itself and, of course, its people.

With over 17,000 tropical islands, the Indonesian archipelago, stretching over 5,000 kilometers above and below the equator, has so much to explore and experience.  This location along with Indonesia‚Äôs rich cultural heritage provide a source of inspiration for learning at JIS.  Our students participate in research, service and cultural expeditions in Indonesia year-round.

For example:

  • Our fifth graders take an overnight trip to Pasir Mukti where they learn about sustainable farming and visit local schools. They also get to take a plunge in a rice paddy, try traditional textile weaving and prepare Indonesian cuisine, among other activities.
  • In middle school the Extended Studies Program (ESP) is an example of our experiential learning program in action. During this week away from school and home in locations all over Indonesia, students go through a truly interdisciplinary, immersive experience that encourages resilience, self-confidence and bonding with their peers.
  • Every grade in high school is given a different way to learn from this culturally rich country, with most being based on service to local and far-flung communities. As a student progresses from ninth grade to graduation they experience more developed and nuanced excursions into all Indonesia and its people have to share.

The challenges and opportunities we discover here in Indonesia encourage us to apply our learning and reflect on ways we can contribute to make our city, our host-country and our world the best it can be.