Dragon Spirit

Something about JIS makes students, parents and faculty feel really passionate about the school. So when the opportunity comes, as it frequently does, to let our ‘Dragon Spirit’ be known, everyone takes full advantage in ways that reflect our school's diversity.

Elementary students dress like favorite book character
‘Book Week,’ in The elementary School includes Book Character Day when  students, faculty and staff design costumes based on their favorite book characters.
Middle School Madness
Middle School ‘Madness Day,’ is a spirited event when teams of faculty and students, named after famous Indonesian volcanoes, compete in a series of challenges from tug-of-war to water games where absolutely nobody stays dry.
High School Cilandak Games
During the annual Cilandak Games, the entire high school is buzzing with activities from the raucous opening ceremony in the gym to mental, physical and artistic challenges that take place throughout our tropical campus.

Student Leadership

JIS is one of those schools where it's ‘cool’ to get involved in as many activities as you can and to put yourself forward as a leader of your peers. Opportunities for student leadership abound from the social and environmental service group ‘Green Dragons’ at the elementary schools, to organizing events on the Middle School’s Bali stage or being elected to the Central Student Council at the High School.


High School TEDx Organizers
TedxJIS, independently organized by high school students, is based on the world-reknowned Tedx Talks. At the event members of the JIS community speak on a theme, and The depth of knowledge and creative thinking on display always makes for a fascinating day with much food for thought.

Middle School Student Leadership Training rock climbing

Volcano Leaders are one of many leadership opportunities in MS.  Serving as role models and school spirit leaders, the students selected organize activities such as socials, spirit days, and friendly competitions. The volcano leaders pictured here experienced a retreat with Outward Bound Indonesia to bond as a group, learn about leadership styles and teamwork, and of course have fun!

After School Activities

Through a variety of choices for students, After School Activities (ASAs) at JIS are geared toward promoting socialization, confidence, life skills, teamwork, strategic thinking social service and fun.


Elementary School After School Activity Ballet Class
Many JIS-sponsored activities are available for elementary students after school in the arts, athletics, STEM and more. parent- and community-sponsored activities complement these offerings in areas like scouts, gymnastics and various team sports.
Middle School Chess
After school clubs are a special part of the JIS Middle School co-curricular program. The philosophy is to ‘try everything,’ and from chess to sports, we offer a broad range of choices for students to do just that.
Marine Conservation Club Service
The High School has lots of clubs and activities from magic club to rock climbing to jazz band and Model United Nations. Service clubs are also popular at JIS because our students strive to be #bestfortheworld.